Monday, January 10, 2011

Two steps forward...

When I get so far with measuring and cutting, it's hard to resist a little bit of building! I know it's a waste of time to start construction until you have all the bits, but it's hard to resist! :)

I got some 8mm rod over the weekend and cut it to size. I got enough rod-clamps made up to fit the Y-axis loosely, and then cut two Z-axis motor mounts, again from my trustee oak floor board. (I'm going with the Prusa variant, which uses two Z-axis motors.)

I'm probably going to route a square in Z-axis motor mounts to receive the motors, but I'll wait until I have motors to get the fit right. I'm debating how best to clamp the top of the Z-axis rod to the motor mount. For now I threaded the end of the rod and tapped the oak. Not the best I know but holds it for now. I might thread the top of the rod some more and fit lock-nuts above and below. We'll see...

So here you go... progress to date in pict below! Next it's how best to build the X-end-motor-mount and X-end-idler... out of wood. :)

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