Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Makers Meetup... local Fab Lab event.

A recent local Makers Meetup brought a broad mix of skills and interests together, with talks from the worlds of photography, graphic design, ceramics and 3D printing.

Fab Lab Limerick promoted and hosted the event. The general aim was to ensure a presentation mix of creative and technological disciplines, to stimulate thinking, and discussion amongst the group, and explore how the different disciplines might complement each other. It was an interesting and enjoyable evening.

(Above) I spoke on the topic of 3d printing, focusing on how more accessible it's becoming, and showing many examples my 3d printed work. It was enthusiastically received and generated many questions from the group.

(Above) David Hunt, a keen photographer and Raspberry Pi exponent, showed how he has combined his interests by building a motorised time-lapse rail controlled by a Pi board. There are some great examples of 'time-lapse in the Irish landscape' on his website... http://www.davidhunt.ie/gallerys/timelapse/ , well worth checking out.

(Above) Claire Jordan, a local ceramic artist, talked about her work, and how engaging with the Fab Lab has helped her explore new directions. With help from the Lab, she's currently exploring the methodology and potential of 3d printed 'cookie cutter' style tools, as productivity aids for some porcelain ornament design lines she has in mind.
Above is one of the experimental 3d printed hand-tools Claire has devised in cooperation with staff at the Fab Lab.
Lucia Poliakova and Mariel Mazan, recent Visual Communications graduates, talked about how they have utilised the Fab Lab resources such as the laser cutter/engraver in creative ways, as they get their new design agency under way this year. The Lab is an invaluable resource in support of new start-ups, bringing creativity, technology and knowledge together with very positive results.

Finally, I brought my Mendel90 along on the evening and demonstrated it in action. It drew much interest. The Lab has some 3d printers as part of it's tool set, and has plans to add more printers soon.

A big thanks to Javier and Michael at the Fab Lab for hosting the event and providing the photos for this blog post.

Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Fab Lab opens locally...

Some local news worth sharing for the Irish readers of this blog. Limerick, Ireland, sees a new Fab Lab location launched recently. http://fablab.saul.ie/

There's a Makers Meetup event at the Fab Lab location (7 Rutland Street, Limerick, Ireland) on Thursday 24th Apr 2014. I'm bringing my Mendel90 along, and giving a short talk on my experience and the ever increasing accessibility of 3D printing. I'll also show some printed items, and engage in a bit of Q&A. Promises to be interesting.

I'm delighted to see the establishment of a local Fab Lab, giving a focal point for meetings, events and perhaps workshops. I look forward to meeting other 3D printer enthusiasts from the region, at the location over time.