Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A day out for my Mendel90!

I'm involved locally (Limerick, Ireland) in a maker group, that has both a virtual presence (  ) and meets once a week in Fab Lab Limerick The formation of this group has been a great way to meet other makers in the region, and the level of activity has grown steadily over the past year, perhaps much to the determent of this particular blog, but with an invitation to speak about our maker group and fab lab, at an innovation day hosted by Dell Solution Center, Ireland, I thought it would be worth sharing a few photos here on my blog also.

It was an excellent opportunity to take my Mendel90 out-and-about. As always the printer got lots of attention and questions. A few photos of the event are featured on our maker FB Group page , some of which I'm reproducing here (Photo credit to Lucia in the maker group)
Prints in the foreground are by one of our maker group members, Dara, (medical illustrator)  (on an Ultimaker 2). There's an interesting musical instrument by Ed Devane , in the picture also, which he calls a "pluck wheel lute". It's utilised in instrument building music workshops he runs. He makes some parts of the kits in the Fab Lab. 

Talkin' the talk, at Dell Solution Center, Limerick, Ireland.

My Mendel90 printing Heatwave Vase from here: Always a good show print!

Thanks for viewing!