Friday, January 28, 2011

Motors and electronics ordered...

Quick update: I've ordered Gen6 electronics and motors today. I'll continue to investigate extruder designs and only move on parts for that once I've chosen a design I like. I plan to experiment with extruder variations once I have a functioning chassis.

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  1. Great to see someone building one here in Ireland finally! Can I ask where you bought the Gen6 electronics from and how much it came to - I've been looking on MakerBot but they're out of stock, as are the Germans!
    BTW, the project looks great :-)

  2. Hi Axim,
    I've ordered my Gen6 electronics from All the pricing is on their web site, but they display excluding VAT of 19% (Netherlands rate), and don't state that clearly until you are about to confirm your order! Shipping cost depends on how many bits and pieces on your order. It will calculate the shipping once you build an order. (paid €149+vat(19%) for Gen6 + optio set).
    But... mendel-parts now have a notice saying their shop is closed for a few weeks also while they catch-up and expand!
    BTW - good to hear from another interested Irish RepRapper! :) Keep in touch!