Saturday, January 22, 2011

Got some 8mm Stainless Rod for X and Y...

This week... I found a local supplier of stainless steel, and bought a 3m length of 8mm stainless rod (Good value round these parts at €6). They only sell in full lengths. I cut new X and Y axis rods. The stainless was easier than I thought to cut even by hand with a hacksaw. Mark the desired length carefully and grip the rod in a vice, protecting the rod from the vice jaws.
Once cut it's a good idea to round off any sharp edges with a flat file.

Since I'm using bushings rather than bearings I though it would be good idea to polish up the stainless rod. I gave it a rub with Autosol and then used the drill and an old rag to polish off. Stainless polishes up nicely!

I had got 8mm mild steel rod first and it served will for mock-up purposes, but the finish was poor. I'am now going to swap it out with the stainless on X and Y.

As I've been reading through the RepRap site there's constant reference to X, Y and Z axis. I did a sketch and kept it near 'til I got the hang of it! Might be of use to someone! :-)

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