Friday, January 7, 2011

Printer build under-way...

Greetings and welcome!
After reading up for the past few weeks on the whole 'RepRap' concept (, I took some time over the holidays to gather materials and devise an approach, a plan! This is just an initial post. I'll add more detail as things move along.

At this stage, it's probably more a RepStrap than a RepRap since I'm using wooden joints. But once under way, the plan is to replace wood with plastic, just for authenticity if nothing else. It's a real chicken 'n' egg though, and since I don't know anyone else with a RepRap and don't want to buy parts I could make, I've gone ahead and made a start.

The build is under-way, and good fun! :-)

1 comment:

  1. You have chosen a very hard path, createing the RP peices out of wood. Why would you do this when RP parts for a Prusa Mendel are going for $100-$200?

    If you need any help, we are here in the IRC, Wiki, forum, Loaner program, and the RepRap commercial community.