Monday, October 28, 2013

My new printer (Mendel90)

I eventually got to take an overview picture of my new printer. Up until now, recent posts have only shown various close-ups so I thought a full photo would be nice.

It's a Mendel90, scratch built (not from kit). My other printer, a Prusa Mendel, was used to print all the plastic parts for this one. The sheet material (aluminium composite sheet), and some other parts were sourced locally. Motors and electronics were ordered on-line. I used white sheet material with black plastic parts and motors for a nice contrast in appearance. It currently has a single extruder, a j-head, but its flexible design will allow it to adapt going forward as enhancements evolve.
It prints very well and is faster and more precise than my older printer. My new electronics also allows greater automation than I've previously had. In contrast to my older printer, this one has integrated management of the heated bed, and even have automated cooling of the finished work via a large fan to the rear.

I'm very grateful to Nophead from the RepRap community for sharing his plans and build instructions. I enjoy the challenge of scratch building these devices, but can honestly say that unless you already have some tools and equipment there is little or no saving in comparison to buying a printer kit, but building your own printer, either from kit or otherwise, IS an excellent and rewarding learning experience.  

The Squirrel (Red) courtesy of MBCook on Thingiverse! :-)

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