Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween printing fun begins!

The Halloween printing fun has begun... I hope everyone has enough orange and black! There's a great range of bits 'n' pieces out there to print or you can always draw up something of your own. I've started with a Pumpkin. This one from Thingiverse

As I ramp up the challenges for my M90, this print tested it well. The Pumpkin is hollow inside, and top closes right in. It actually printed without support to my amazement. There was a bit of spaghetti on the underside of the roof but that wasn't an issue for this object.

Just to set off the Pumpkin, and lower the position of the LED Tealight I drew up a base in Sketchup.

For the finishing touch I put three stick-on feet on the base!

Tech Notes: 3mm PLA, .5mm nozzle. Pumpkin printed with .25 layer height, 2 perimeters, 50% infill. Speed set to 40mm/sec. Small brim and first layer at reduced speed. Temperature 185Deg C, Heated Bed at 70 Deg C. Glass with PVA solution coating. I had no warping or lifting. Clicked right off when cold.

The black base was printed at .3mm layer height and 50mm/sec. 10% hex infill. I'd slow down the top surfaces and increase the number of layers on the top surfaces if using hex infiill in future. It was slightly gapped in places as it tried to bridge a 10% hex infill.

Both parts were sliced with Slic3r. Cooling was enabled under the Filament Settings (defaults used). I have a cooling fan with variable speed on the M90. Detail on it's set-up in a previous post... here. I think it's helping greatly with PLA print quality.

I printed at about 60% of published size as a first run of this. I think the M90 could easily handle it at 100% size.

Happy printing!

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