Sunday, July 1, 2012

New extruder assembly...

One thing lead to another recently, and before I knew it I was half way to building a new extruder! I had been printing very consistently with an experimental hot-end hitched to a Greg's Hinged drive, but that was a .35mm nozzle and printing was slooooow! The max layer height being the limiting factor. Quality was excellent though as was evident in the Herringbone Gear Set print.

I bought a new hot-end, the J-Head IV-B (4b), printed a new extruder 'cold-end', the Greg's Wade Reloaded version.
(photo of reverse view. You decide which is the back/front!)

There's lots more to be said; detail on why I chose what I did and detail on the assembly process. I'm a fan of insulating the heater block as the keen observers will spot. I've a lot more photos and descriptions to post, but for now I just wanted to get the blogging back under way!

Thanks for viewing!

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