Tuesday, July 17, 2012

60mm fan holder for Gen6 cooling...

Quick Post: It's good to keep the electronics cool. I salvaged a lovely quiet 60mm fan recently so I printed off a holder from thingiverse for it (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13469). I modified the base plate of the holder so it clipped on to the printers threaded rods. See photos...
There was a bit of stray airflow on to my printed bed, so I slotted a clear plastic lid behind the board to stop unmanaged airflow to the bed. I'll also need to fit a fan-guard to the fan. I'm happy to leave it as an open sided arrangement for now.
Here's a view of the reverse side. I simply took the base plate from thingiverse into Sketchup, added a tab at  the top, rounded the corners and repositioned the push-on rod mountings.

Cooool! :-)


  1. Nice work, it is quite heartening when some one uses your objects from Thingiverse. Cheers Geoffd123

  2. Thank you Geoff, for a robust design! I'm very pleased with it.

  3. I've been printing with my gen 6 for several hundred hours and was curious if using a fan will improve my printsor just increase my gen6's lifespan?

  4. Hi Russel, there are a few little chips on the board that get hot when you are running the printer. I was spot checking temperatures with an IR thermometor a while back and was stunned to find the temperature of a little IC near the hot-end wires heading for 70degC. I subsequently fitted a fan. The stepper chips were not so hot as they have little heat-sinks on them. Using a fan won't improve print quality but could preserve board lifespan. I would recomment a fan. If you have access to an IR thermometor then check the temperatures at various points around the board so you are what's going on.