Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Extruder...

I've been building my extruder for the last while. My design is mostly based on Wade's Geared Extruder, found on the site, but determined to remain true to my material choice I've scratch-build my extruder from mainly 15mm oak and what ever other components I could scavenge from old computer/office equipment parts and electronic boards. Here's a picture of my newly assembled extruder, without the hot-end attached.
Here's a picture of it's many constituent parts...

I've conducted basic testing of the cold-end, meaning the drive motor, linkage and filament feed mechanism. This testing was done using Repsnapper to manually control the filament feed process via the Generation 6 electronics and the results were very satisfactory. Traction was excellent. I've not plugged in the hot-end yet. A bit more assembly and wiring is needed first.

I've a lot more detail photographed and I think it deserves some further posts and descriptions, which I should get to within the next while.

Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Thats looking good, not long now and you'll be trying to get it extruding.