Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Connecting up the heater to Generation 6 electronics...

When connecting up the heater and thermistor to the Gen6 board be aware of the following... the pin-outs printed for your convenient reference right there on the board are a) technically correct, BUT b) visually misleading at the very least!
If you've already wired up your heater/thermistor you'll probably know the trap I fell into. If you haven't, and plan to using this rev or the Gen6 board, you'll get to it and then say "oh... I know what he meant now!" :-)

It's a small think, but I think worth pointing out that by reading down along the edge of the board, you would take Pin-1 to be on the left (at least I did), but see photo below, and in fairness, it is stated also on the wiki (if in a little detail well down the page), that Pin 1 is on the right as you look along the edge of the board!

Anyway, enough of the pedantics. :-) It won't cause much of a problem if you get them wrong way round. You'll put 5v through your heater, and try to heat your thermistor for a short while, then you'll figure it out... as I did.

With the heater connected up correctly I was ready to start some tests. I'll keep them to a separate post.

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