Saturday, September 7, 2013

Azteeg X3 controller wired up (Mendel90)

Did I mention I'm building a Mendel90? :-)

I've chosen the Azteeg X3 3D Printer Controller from Panucutt as the motherboard. It's a full featured controller. I've wired it up and downloaded Marlin firmware to it. With some tuning it's performing basic movements. It's coming together nicely. There's lots more to say on the topic, the experience of installing this controller on the Mendel90 and combining it with Nophead's Marlin, but for now just a photo. Most of the day was spent wiring things up and doing some basic movement tests. It is coming together nicely.

The ribbon cable arrangement to the x-assembly give a neat wiring solution (Nophead's design). Via a 20 strand ribbon it's possible to drive the x-motor, extruder motor, hot-end (taking up 6 wires), control two fans (one for cooling the PEEK on the J-head, one for focused cooling of printed plastic), the hotend thermistor and x-endstop. It took some head scratching but I got it all wired up today.
This shows the wiring to the x-motor (on the right) and the x-endstop being readied for soldering to the ribbon cable strands. The joints are then neatly concealed in the x-motor housing.
A side view of the Mendel90. The electronics and powersupply are hidden in this corner.
That's it for now. More on the construction and set-up experience to follow.
Thanks for viewing!

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