Saturday, June 9, 2012

Voronoi D Tower attempt...

I gave a shot at this weeks forum competition , the Voronoi D Tower, but failed to complete a full print. Examples of some failed attempts in photo below.
I'd keep getting to a height of about 30mm then the print would separate from the heated bed. It was frustrating and time consuming. The headed bed had been working excellently from original set-up a while back, with printed pieces of all heights sticking well to it, and then clicking right off when it cooled. I'm puzzled but will continue to ponder it! :(


  1. Try adding a brim? (,136147,136946#msg-136946)

  2. I sure did James. It was interesting. It put down concentric circles growing outward and buckled around the outer lip as it got bigger and bigger, suggesting my print bed was too hot. I lowered the temperature on the bed, and went back to brimless printing, thought I was in business then the objecct clicked off the bed as I got to 25/30mm high. My fan may be cooling the delicate job too much. There are plenty of holes in it for the cooler air to pass through. I've tried no fan but then the tops begin to curl up and get caught in the nozzle.

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  4. You're welcome. I have more recently found that printing tall objects with very small footprints works better to a cold acrylic surface, no tape of any kind, just the bare surface, but that surface scratches easily over time as you use a scraper to remove the pieces.
    I suspect my glass surface may be contaminated preventing good adhesion, so I need to get a good cleaner for it. There has been a recent suggestion on the forum of using a dilute coating of PVA to coat the glass and increase bonding. I might try that.