Monday, October 31, 2011

Gen6 Electronics cover...

Recently, there was a neat cover for the Gen6 electronics posted to Thingiverse:

It was just what I needed. Up until now my electronics sat to the front of the printer, and quite exposed, as you can see here in an older post. I also wanted to fit a different sized fan than the 40mm one in the original cover design, so I drew-up my own fan holder in Sketchup and printed that off also. It's great having a 3D printer! :)

Here are the components that make up the box. It has a nice base plate with clips securing the lid.

 The cover was a neat fit and all the holes were well positioned to receive the many cables. The ducting spreads the airflow across the heat-sinks below.

I drew the new fan ducting in Sketchup...

Moving the electronics from the front of the printer to the side has given greater access and visibility to the print platform and extruder. I'm very happy with the new location of the electronics and of course the cover.

Happy printing!

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