Thursday, February 10, 2011

GEN6, batch2...hmmmm...nice!

Mendel-Parts delivered this week! Thanks guys! I ordered motors, electronics and some other bits 'n' pieces. The Generation 6, (Batch 2) electronics is a neat looking board, even to me, and I'm not really that geeky. It's tiny (use the network connector for scale). It's amazing, and open-source... I'm so impressed and that's before I even power it up! :)

The batch 2 version's characterised by the little black heatsinks on the stepper driver chips, and I'm sure there's a few other goodies. I took a pict or two (below). I hope the guys at Mendel-Parts won't mind me sharing. Now I better crack on with mounting motors and fitting drive belts and all that good stuff. Hmmmm.... more RepRap fun! :)

Reverse angle...

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